Matar Frying Line

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Matar Frying Line

The Matar Frying Line is a specialized processing line designed for the efficient and uniform frying of green peas, also known as matar. It is a comprehensive solution that incorporates various equipment and processes to ensure the production of crispy and flavorful fried matar. The processing line starts with a washing and sorting system, where fresh green peas are thoroughly cleaned and sorted to remove any impurities or damaged peas. The peas are then blanched to maintain their vibrant color and preserve their natural texture.

Next, the blanched peas are carefully dried to remove excess moisture, ensuring optimal frying conditions. The dried peas are then transferred to a continuous frying system, which consists of a specially designed fryer with precise temperature control and efficient oil circulation. This ensures that the peas are evenly fried to a crispy and golden-brown texture while maintaining their natural flavor. During the frying process, the peas are continuously agitated and gently mixed to ensure uniform frying and to prevent them from sticking together. The frying parameters, such as temperature and frying time, are carefully controlled to achieve the desired texture and color while minimizing oil absorption.

After frying, the fried matar are conveyed to a seasoning system, where they can be coated with a variety of seasonings and flavors to enhance their taste. This system allows for precise control of the seasoning application, ensuring that the fried matar are evenly coated and flavorful. Finally, the fried and seasoned matar are conveyed to a packaging system, where they are efficiently packed into bags or containers, ready for distribution and consumption. The packaging system can be customized to meet specific requirements, such as portioning, sealing, and labeling.

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